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Wes Loper

Wes Loper

Chandler, OK


Wes Loper was a senior in high school when he decided to pursue art as a career. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1971 from the University of Oklahoma and attained his Master of Fine Arts degree two years later from Claremont Graduate School in Claremont California. As early as 1970 Wes Loper's art was displayed in professional shows and exhibitions, and his involvement in such presentations continues to this day. His works have been prominently featured in over forty shows and exhibitions, including several one and two person shows.

Wes has exhibited many panels done in a technique he calls Nouveau-Fresco. These panels are done with acrylic paints on a plaster ground similar to a faux finishing technique that imitates Fresco wall painting.

Wes also does watercolors and paintings in acrylic on canvas as well. Wes draws his inspiration from the beauty of what he sees in his surroundings. His favorite subjects are landscapes. His original paintings are owned by a number of private collectors. High quality prints of his work are available to collectors.



Fall morning in Oklahoma at Turner Falls by Wes Loper


Old Barn On Rt 66 Near Chandler Oklahoma by Wes Loper


Autumn Bridge by Wes Loper


Round Barn Nostalgia Arcadia Oklahoma Rt. 66 by Wes Loper


Tranquility by Wes Loper


The Promise by Wes Loper


Scenic Oklahoma Rt. 66 Barn by Wes Loper


Threatening Sky on Rt 66 by Wes Loper


Barn at Sunset by Wes Loper


Majestic Light by Wes Loper


Wading Boy by Wes Loper


Baby It's Cold Outside by Wes Loper


Sunset Over The Cedars by Wes Loper


Calm Evening Lake View by Wes Loper


Historic Round Barn Arcadia Oklahoma by Wes Loper


Just Down the Road by Wes Loper


Little Niagra Falls on Travertine Creek Chickasaw National Recreation Area Sulphur Oklahoma by Wes Loper


Vivid Sunset by Wes Loper